Disse tipsene vil gjøre deg raskere under din neste triathlonkonkurranse. Ved å lese dette innlegget blir du raskere i triathlon! Six-time Ironman champion Dave Scott has had years to perfect his race-day strategy.

Before you head to your first triathlon, take a look at his top race-day. Competing in your first tri is exciting, but can be overwhelming. Use these tips to feel confident on race day. Jeg tenkte at dette kunne være en idrett for meg .

Meld deg på Aktiv Trenings gratis nyhetsbrev, og få tips til trening og en sunn livsstil:. Honest advice for avoiding common mistakes in your first triathlon from Jesse Thomas. Tips til deg som har, eller planlegger å reise deg fra sofaen og begynne med triathlon. Det finnes masse tips der ute, mye bra, noe dårlig, noe . FOR THE TRIATHLON, prerace prep requires more than knotting your laces and visiting the porta-potty. Try to arrive at least minutes before . Banish race intimidation and prep for the big competition with expert fitness advice on how to slay your first Ironman, Olympic, or sprint triathlon. Whether you are a seasoned multi-sport expert or a complete triathlon novice, our top triathlon tips will help you get more from your training.

This helpful guide offers tips on nailing your triathlon race-day setup.

Get great advice on organizing your gear for swimming, biking, running as . Tips for Success at Your First Tri! The fear in anything you do for the first time, whether it is your first triathlon or your first day in a new job, is the fear of the . Swimming in the open-water (river, lake or ocean) can . From open water swimming advice, to transition tips and brick sessions. I spent about years of my life wanting to do a triathlon. Although the first triathlon happened just years ago, the race has quickly become one of. Ways To Run Faster Off The Bike. Race-day tips for first-time triathletes: Be prepared.

Study the racecourse before race day. Great training tips for those who are new to the wonderful world of triathlon! While many factors may be beyond your . Ease In: Doing too much too soon, especially running, invariably leads to joint and . Inspired by the performances in Rio?

Take up triathlon with these training tips from award-winning Olympians. Success in triathlon competitions depends on several factors, and triathlon nutrition may be the most crucial. Triathlons are an athletic contest of three .

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