Sushi calories

Listing the calories in sushi including all your favorite types of sushi, rolls, and sashimi, along with fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. Check out the sushi roll nutrition breakdowns below—listed from most to least caloric—to learn which ones are worth choosing and which are secretly diet . Ever wonder how many calories that shrimp tempura sushi roll really is?

Nutritional Information for sushi. Try these low calorie sushi rolls for healthy options. There are more calories in sushi than you thought. If you have a hankering for Japanese fare and are watching your weight, vegetable sushi is a healthy choice because most vegetables are .

Lower in calories than most other rolls, these . Sushi – Eel Avocado (Generic). Learn to make knowledgeable decisions next time you . Please note all sushi boxes already come with Wasabi. We weight up the calories and nutrients in popular sushi items. Free online fitness tracker, basic facts and useful fitness calculators to help you lose weight and get fit! Calorie count for sushi and more foods.

Additional nutrition information available upon request. At Kona Grill we serve more than modern american grill favorites or sushi.

We are proud to offer over lower calorie menu items. Knowing the macros and calories in sushi is going to help you get lean and strong while enjoying the delicious raw fish that you love. Protein: 13g Carbohydrates: 30. Below are the calories in sushi.

The calories in sushi are based on one piece with gram of sushi. Percent Daily Values are based on a 0calorie diet. Hissho Sushi , “Made Fresh Daily.

Eating a level of calories appropriate for maintaining healthy body weight is also beneficial to overall health. You can view our nutrition facts below, or download them as a pdf. Based on nutritional value per container without wasabi, ginger or soy sauce. Tempura, loads of cream cheese, and extra sticky sauce packs on the calories, sodium, . A sushi dinner can weigh in at a paltry 2to 3calories or easily top 0calories. What you order — and how much of it — is what makes . Our calorie counter shows how many calories are in sushi.

Some of these are serious calorie bombs.

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